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Leonardo da Vinci Project EUR/05/C/P/PP-84705


CESTE-NET Forschungsbericht

CESTE-NET Research Report

Programme Block 3 Bad Boll

Programm Block 3 Bad Boll

Module I, Prague - Summary of the content

A summary of the content of block week I in Prague 20-25 November 2005 is now ready.

Modul 1, Prag - Zusammenfassung der ersten Blockwoche

Eine Zusammenfassung der ersten Blockwoche in Prag, 20-25 November 2005 zum downloaden.

Die Einführung in die triale Methode

Die Einführung in das Projekt von Bernhard Schmalenbach ist jetzt zugänglich.

CESTE – Net Training for Trainers

Within the CESTE-NET project: Training for Trainers, we worked as a threefold-composed group (art/practice/theory) on a proposal of an integrated approach on the matter of Autonomy for students in training for Curative Education and Sociotherapy.
After a brief introduction of the trainers-team, we’ll describe shortly the process of our work-sessions, then clarify the 5 different steps of this process and look back in a evaluation.

Activities for Developing Therapeutic Creativity

Rüdiger Janisch (Camphill Special School, Beaver Run) has posted his "Training for Trainers" project documentation.